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Why See a Counsellor?

Some people may think going to see a therapist will provide

them with answers. Sometimes this is true...However, what I

really believe is that a counsellor offers you to engage in an

experience that can assist you in finding your own answers. 

Some clients may ask, how does counselling work? Do I give

advice? What I do is listen to you, listen to yourself and your

own stories. I am part of your experience because I hear you

and I am able to validate your experiences through my

counselling skills. 

I rarely give advice because I believe it is important for you to come up with your own answers. Sometimes I provide options or ask you questions to generate a space or openness so that  you can identify what you need the most. 

The counselling experience is felt within the established therapeutic relationship and can only be measured by how the client feels about him or herself in the moment. I provide a safe place for you to talk about what may be upsetting you and follow your story while being attuned to your most inner needs, wants, and concerns.

You may ask, “how does this change things?”
Well, by bringing the issue to your awareness and into the present moment, I believe this provides you with multiple opportunities to generate the changes that you are seeking. When you notice your feelings, your thoughts, your physical sensations to the issues you bring forward you will know what you need to do next.

“But can it really change someone?”
I believe so, because it is through your awareness and positive action/steps towards change that you will have created a new experience, one that has solution(s) to the answers you are looking for. The long term benefit is you will remember that you created change and that if more change is needed you will be able to meet this need. Sometimes you will need some additional help along the way and you may remember your counselling experience...with me and return back. Sometimes we forget and do not practice what we have learned and overtime your skills loose reinforcement. This is why clients will reconnect.

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