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These "WHO I AM" tool bags are "Sewn at The Spool Sewing Studio."


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'Who I Am' Tool Bag

The “WHO I AM” Tool bag is hand-made with quality long lasting fabric. It is about 8”x 8” and has a colored draw string. The tool bag comes with a owl lavender sachet tool, set of laminated cards with self-soothing quotes connected to hand designed chakra beads, and a list of additional tool ideas.

The purpose of this bag is an easy carry, travel bag with easy access self-soothing tools to help you regulate your emotions, soothe your sympathetic nervous system, and ground you to the present.  

The 1st edition for 2015 is the owl theme. Cost: $40.00 CDN.

The 2nd edition for 2016 is the funky flower theme. Cost: $40.00 CDN 

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