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Danielle Lambrecht Counselling has provided phone counselling

services for over 4 years.

Phone Counselling is an option for clients who may have difficulty

leaving their house due to mobility issues, limited child care, or mental

health issues that prevent them from leaving their home. In addition,

I provide phone counselling for  people who are out of British Columbia

and Internationally. I will incur the long distance telephone bills. 

Phone counselling is different in that we do not meet each other

face-to-face. The confidentiality form will be read to you and verbal

consent needs to be provided over the phone stating you have

understood the terms of confidentiality and its limits. It will be dated as

of the first phone session, and "verbal consent given by..."  will be written on the form since you will be unable to sign. I will then ask you if you have any question about the confidentiality agreement before we proceed. 

You will receive a copy either mailed or faxed to you. 

I also will ask you the same intake questions as I do for face-to-face or online clients, which will remain on file. 

Before we start phone counselling I ask that you are in a private and uninterrupted space for our 50 minute counselling session. We will end the telephone counselling session with create an agreed upon goals and TREATMENT PLAN that I will ask that you carry out in between sessions. 

If at any time during the phone session, I assess that you are experiencing active suicidal thoughts and cannot commit to a safety plan, I will advise you that I have to proceed to contact 911 and advise of your jurisdiction and location for the RCMP to locate you for your safety and well-being. If you have someone at home with you, I will ask to speak to them and ask that they take you to the nearest hospital emergency department immediately.