I am excited about offering this new service to you. The reason

why I chose this as a service for you is I realize that many

people  have busy lives and cannot take time away from work.

This is a convenient way to have a counselling session within

your own home and after work. 

In addition, online counselling can be more helpful to you for

geographic reasons you live to far to see me or if you have

mobility issues and you cannot use transportation. I want you to

know that I provide the same counselling techniques and

strategies that I would with face-to-face clients so you are not

receiving a "less than" counselling session.  

As an online and telephone counsellor I will advise you of the general and specific laws, policies, and limitations before we begin this service. My main premise is to protect your secured information, to keep you informed, and maintain your well-being while we engage in online or telephone counselling. A confidentiality form and office policy will be read to you before proceeding and your verbal consent will be noted on the form the day of our first session. 

If online counselling is your preferred way of receiving counselling please click on the website below and this site will prompt you step by step of how to make an online appointment and when your scheduled appointment will be. It is as easy as that! I look forward to talking with you. 


Danielle Lambrecht, RSW, MC. RCC.

​Healing YOUr past, present, & future

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