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Individual counselling is the art of helping another individual

during a time of distress. Clients very rarely come to counselling

when they are happy and their life is going well! Clients come to

see me because they are troubled by issues in their lives. Clients

come to see me because they want to make changes and cannot

do this on their own. Clients come to see me because they have

tried to make changes, but are using old coping skills that do not

work anymore. 

What I bring to you as a counselor is my own personal qualities

that make me a unique counsellor. I am a counsellor who is

creative, attuned, and empathic and I integrate these personal

gifts into my own counselling style and practice. I listen to my

inner voice when I counsel you and am able to draw what I hear

so that you can receive a visual representation. My clients often tell

me this transfer of information is a solid depiction of the "issue" that

assists in their understanding of what is going on inside and

outside of themselves. This information becomes what I term your "vision notes" and what you can take with you as part of your session. These vision notes are often used for reminding you of the solutions that were found and deeper meanings that blossomed in session. Clients also use these notes as practice strategies between sessions before we connect again. 

Individual counselling, whether you are an adolescent, young adult, or an adult takes a tremendous amount of courage for you to examine your personal issues. It takes inner strength for you to seek help and guidance for yourself when you need it the most. Sometimes you have to be willing to admit that you need to change and grow and the "old" way of doing things is no longer working.
I propose that individual counselling requires that you allow yourself to take part in your personal journey, not on your own but with professional guidance and support. I am honored to be your counsellor as you take this proactive step into searching deeply within yourself what is really bothering you.  

I will also use my unique listening skills that has become a gift to me since I was little. I use these skills to hear what you are saying to me, and also to hear what you are not saying to me. This gift allows me to get to the root of issues that even you may not know about in this very moment. It is my true purpose to bring this information forward to you and I have come to accept that I have this ability and I use it for your positive enlightenment and personal growth. 



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