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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q. What issues do you help people with?

A. I work with a range of issues such as...

​Couple/Relationship Issues. Couples come see me for communication problems, intimacy issues, infidelity, trust issues, separation/divorce, and parenting/step-parenting issues.

Depression. I help clients develop and practice strategies to improve their mood, reduce isolation, and build positive thinking. 

Anxiety. I help clients reduce social anxiety, generalized anxiety and panic attacks. 

​​Addictions. I help clients learn what their triggers are (people, places, & things) and learn how to abstain and avoid relapse.


​​​Grief/loss. I help clients learn the different stages of grief and how to overcome complicated bereavement. 

​​Emotional/Behavioral Issues. I help clients learn how to manage their emotions before their emotions get larger than they are.   I also help clients reduce behaviours that are affecting their lives and replace these behaviours with healthy ones. 

Personality issues. Clients with diagnosed personality disorders or personality traits can be helped with a better understanding of their disorder/traits and learn ways to manage the symptoms to improve their quality of life. 

Trauma/Violence. I work with clients who have experienced trauma/violence and help them to reduce flashbacks, night terrors, and to de-activate their hyper arousal system. I teach clients grounding, relaxation, self-soothing skills, and reduce the impact of trauma.

Acute Stress. I help clients right after a traumatic event/incident/disaster to reduce symptoms from an acute stress reaction. Clients ​are able to debrief in a caring, and supportive environment. 

Family Origin/Family Dynamics. I help clients who have come from unhealthy childhood environments that have left a long lasting effect in their current lives. 

Negative Core Beliefs. I help clients recognize what their negative core beliefs are and how to replace them into power positive thoughts.

Q. Who do you work with?

A. I work with...

  • Couples, Adult Indviduals, Adolescent and Children 8+
  • ​Group counselling

Q. Do I need a referral from my family doctor or psychiatrist?

A.  No, you can directly refer yourself by phone, email, or by booking online. I do receive referrals from your family physician or local psychiatrist. 

Q. How do I make an appoint with you?

A. Click the online booking button on the Contact page and schedule an appointment, or you can call, or email me. Three different options. 

Q. How long is a session?

A.  Individual and Couples/Relationship sessions are 50-60 minutes. If you need more time I can extend our sessions, however, we need to talk about this prior to your appointment in order that I can schedule this additional time, and be time efficient for other clients' sessions. 

Q. How much does a session cost?

A. These are the different rates. 

  • Individual session - $110.00
  • Couples session - $130.00 or for $150.00 (1.5 hours)
  • One day workshops- $130 per person (full day)
  • Two day retreats- $250 per person (2-full days)

Q. Will my extended insurance benefits cover my costs?

A. There are multiple insurance companies and there are many different extended health packages. The best answer is to contact your extended health insurance company directly and ask them. It is my experience working with clients with different extended insurance benefits is that some companies have specific preferences to who they will cover such as social workers, psychologists, or counsellors. There are also different percentage rates that companies will cover. I encourage you to find out these answers directly from your insurance company. I am both a registered counsellor and social worker. I will provide you an invoice at the end of each session with both my professional certification numbers that you can submit to your insurance company. 

Q. If I don’t have extended insurance benefits, can I claim my counselling sessions on my income tax?

A. Yes. There is a medical services section that you can put the total amount of counselling sessions for the tax year. To see a social worker there is an additional percentage that you will receive back. Please see tab called Services and click on Rates and Insurance for further information. 

Q. What is your cancellation policy?

A. My cancellation policy is 48 hour notice for a no session charge. Less than 48 hours does not leave enough time to book people in who are calling for an appointment or who are on my wait list. This policy is stated on my office policy form that you will see and sign. 

Q. What are my options to pay you?

A. Payment can be by cash, cheque, e-transfer, or credit card. I use the square app for credit cards, which is a secured app to protect your credit card information. Payment by credit card will be done in-house before our counselling session starts so I can focus on your counselling session and therapy needs.