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Couples therapy is more effective when both individuals in

the partnership attend appointments in a consistent manner.

I will generally meet with you on a weekly basis for

approximately 50-80 minutes, which is recommended for

effective progress and growth. The frequency of

sessions/length of session time may be evaluated during times

of crisis, as well as when it is mutually decided and clinically

relevant to either increase or decrease the frequency/length

of your session. 

I may also choose to meet with each partner of the couple

individually for therapeutic purposes. I will communicate my

intention and rationale to you prior to scheduling individual


If for whatever reason, only one partner shows up for the counselling session, for the sake of neutrality and symmetry of the therapy, I will not conduct an individual session. I apologize for the inconvenience, but it is important that I, as your counsellor, maintain neutrality and objectiveness in the couples counselling relationship. 

I will also use my unique listening skills that has become a gift to me that I can serve you better. I use my listening skills to hear what you and your partner are saying, and also to hear what you are both not saying. This gift allows me to get to the root of issues that even you may not know about in the moment they are being brought forward and through. 

Shared information: If you or your partner shares information with me in private, I will encourage you to share this information voluntarily to your partner in our session. If you do not share this information, I will need to share this information in order to preserve my neutral position in our therapeutic relationship.