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Children and Adolescent COUNSELLING

Counselling children and adolescents is often different from

counselling adults, though the objective is the same. Methods used

in counselling children and adolescents often depend on the clients’

age, development stage and individual challenges. MY role as the

counsellor is to help the client, no matter the age, to make their own

decisions rather than making decisions for them. There are few things

more difficult for a parent than to watch their child or adolescent

struggle  mentally or emotionally. Just like adults, children and

adolescents experience grief, loss, depression, and anxiety. Children

and adolescents can also be impacted by bullying, trauma, and

academic struggles which can result in behavior changes and

self-esteem issues.

Although children often struggle to talk about highly emotional topics,

different art modalities can help. With the help of a counsellor children can express themselves and their problems through art – a medium which is safe and familiar to them. Children can use different art mediums such as acrylics, water-colour, wikki stix, or clay to help them sort out their issues in a expressive manner to find solutions to their problems. 
Teens can present unique parenting challenges. They push the boundaries, fight for independence. and then seem clingy all in the same day. Although some of these behaviours may be a normal part of growing up, things can escalate to a level that is unhealthy for the child and the parent. We can help you and your teen develop boundaries, communicate effectively, and work through past issues. Some teens can experience serious mental health and/or addiction issues and require specialized treatment and counselling and a team approach with other professionals besides counselling services. I work with a team approach and have for many years. I believe in continuity of care and working with family doctors, psychiatrists, case managers and other professionals for the well-being of mutual young clients.  

Call our office to talk to Danielle Lambrecht and set up an appointment for her to talk to the primary guardians of the child and adolescent in order that the counsellor is provided with the parents' perspective, child or adolescents history, and parents hopes and goals.  Please read the parental consent form below. You can fill it out prior to the first session but it must be dated on the first session we meet. 

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