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Hi!...I am SO glad you found me! I bet you have some questions about me as a person and as a counsellor before you decide to call me for an appointment. 

My Native Roots

I was born but not raised on the Island of Oahu. Many of my ancestors came from Molokai, Big Island, and Oahu. My great grandfather built the only general store, which still stands in the Halawa Valley. Back then, Hawaiians who contracted leprosy were sent to Molokai. Despite the sadness of this truth, I find great strength, resiliency, and a sense of community both from my ancestors and those that remain living on Molokai. I continue to learn about Hawaiian cultural practices as my hope and intention is to share my learnings, such as Ho'oponopono with people on a local and international level.

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Some people may think going to see a social worker/therapist will provide them with answers. Sometimes this is true, however, what I really believe is that a counsellor offers you to engage in an experience that can assist you in finding your own answers. 

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