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Hi!...I am SO glad you found me! I bet you have some questions about me as a person and as a counsellor before you decide to call me for an appointment. 

I have lived on Vancouver Island in the Comox Valley since 1993. I was born in Hawaii, USA. and have many Ohana (family) that still reside on all the Islands. I go back "home" just about every year to visit, attend reunions, and to do Hawaiian retreats. I use the sacred Hawaiian tradition of Ho'oponopono to assist me to continue to heal myself and others I work with. 

I really like the outdoors, music, and most creative endeavours.  



"Danielle is a very approachable and non-judgmental and her professional demeanor made me feel very comfortable and safe.  It is very easy to talk to her, as she is always actively listening and responding with encouragement.  I found her advice to deal with my anxiety was very tangible and easy to practice, and her techniques really helped me to de-stress and feel more centered.  Sometimes Danielle would sketch out some words or drawings which allowed me to be able to visualize my different mood cycles and how cyclic thinking can make me feel more stressed.  It helped me to visualize and think about my feelings in a real way."

I was born with a strong intuition as all of us have and have learned how to integrate this into my counselling work for the greatest benefits for my clients. I describe myself as a creative, intuitive counsellor who has combined her education, knowledge and skills to serve my clients greatest good.  I also ​take my life experiences and personal healing and apply this to my counselling practice. As a healed counsellor (continuous practice), who has taken her own healing seriously and mindfully I look forward to helping others heal themselves.I am also a practical-minded person and believe that most people want to find solutions to their life problems as do I. I also believe in setting attainable and manageable goals as a means to resolving life issues and to build confidence in our abilities to live a life of quality. I believe we all need multiple tools to help us navigate through life's ups and downs and therefore, I provide as many effective tools, strategies, and skills in our sessions. I believe CHANGE occurs when practice is repeated and new tools are reinforced into our daily lives breaking old habits. 

There is no greater joy than to free someone from their negative core beliefs. To release these, is to allow room for only positives in your life!!


Thank-you for reading my page on my “professional theory of counselling” as it is important to me that you get to read this so you can make a choice if my counselling theory matches you and your needs. When I work with you my main intention is to create an environment that is safe for you to speak about yourself.  When I listen to you I am listening to your emotional, intellectual, physical, and spiritual needs. I view all humans as complex beings that require a holistic understanding of their needs in the context of their environment(s).

I am genuinely invested in creating a therapeutic relationship with you as I believe this relationship is a start of change for you in a direction that holds your hopes and goals. I assume that when we are going on the path that meets your hopes and goals this will meet your expectations.

My theory of counselling is deeply rooted in a Rogerian client-centered counselling style. This means that I value the importance of our therapeutic relationship. In addition to the relationship I weave other complimentary approaches/or views from Existentialism, Cultural-Sensitive, Experiential, strength-based, and spiritual. These approaches lend to multiple views and understandings of your presenting issues and provides the ability to choose and integrate a variety of strategies, tools, and skills to find solutions. 

I also utilize a variety of therapies such as Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy, Dialectical-behavioral Therapy,  Mindfulness therapy, Solution-Focused Therapy, Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing, Emotional Focused Couples Therapy, and a variety of art  modalities, etc., to be able match your unique needs, learning styles, developmental stages, and presenting issues and counselling goals. 

Rogers Therapy-The importance of relationship; similar to client-centered.

Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy (CBT)-Learning how to change behaviours, to change thoughts, and emotions.

Dialectical-Behavioral Therapy (DBT)-Originated from CBT. Skill based therapy on how to regulate emotions through validation strategies. 

Emotional Focused Therapy-Couples therapy focusing on how to change to healthy patterns of communication, etc.

Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR)-Desensitizing trauma(s) through Bilateral Stimulation (BLS).

Solution Focused Therapy (SF)-Focusing on solutions and client strengths.

Mindfulness Therapy-Focusing on skills to learn how to be more in the "here and now".

Clinical Hypnosis-Focusing on the subconscious mind, while fully awake, to change negative core beliefs to positive.

What are the benefits for you to see me in a counselling session?

  • I will uncover your root issue(s) that are most likely associated with why you are seeking counselling.
  • I will foster a therapeutic relationship so that you will have a professional person to whom you can share your problems with, express your emotions to, and feel heard. 
  • I will use my intuitive listening skills to gain insights as to how we will collaborate in solving your issues and what may need your attention and practice on during and in between counselling sessions. 
  • I will try to stop/reduce the suffering you are going through by using specific counselling modalities that provide you with increased skills, tools, and strategies in order that you live a quality life. 

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